5 Common Air Conditioning Problems

Lots of do-it-your-self home-owners often wonder what the most common air conditioning problems are. After receiving this inquiry many times on service calls we decided to put together a short list to inform consumers of some common problems we encounter. We put this in a short list and have given a brief description of these problems. Let us know what you think. If you need help then drop us a line. We would be happy to help advise you on the selection of a good heating and air conditioning contractor.

  1. Ductwork Tears: This occurs quite often and is a common problem for homes that cool, but do not cool enough. Whenever you are having a new system installed look for a company or contractor that will guarantee the ductwork for at least 7 years. It is also a great idea to have your ductwork cleaned regularly. Here is a great site that offers air duct cleaning advice.
  2. evaporator-coilsInsufficient Freon: Over time the freon in exterior air conditioning units can require re-charging. This can be due to leaks or just common wear on the unit itself. It is a very common problem especially in older AC units.
  3. Exterior Unit Too Small: Often times the exterior unit may be designed to cool a smaller size home than it is being used to cool. In situations like these there is no easy solution other than replacing the exterior unit. The silver-lining for the home-owner is that even though they have to pay for a potentially expensive replacement, the newer equipment is often significantly more efficient than their existing model. This means that they could see big savings on their monthly energy bills and this is often substantial. These newer units pay for themselves within a few short years.
  4. poorly-positioned-ductworkPoorly Arranged Ductwork: Unfortunately not everyone installing ductwork in home’s knows what they are doing. Improper placement and size of the ductwork and vents that bring air into the home is critical for a central air unit to operate correctly. In homes where the ductwork was not well laid out often require larger-than-necessary exterior units to properly cool.
  5. Thermostat Problems: A broken or damaged thermostat can bring down an entire central A/C system. This is, however, an easy problem to fix and is usually done at a low-cost to the home-owner.

These are just a few common problems and we encounter many more in homes everyday. If you are trying to diagnose a problem in your home system, this is a great place to start. Always remember to call a reputable HVAC specialist to ensure that your system is repaired properly.

Other problems can be found in this video:

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